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How To Get Dewy Skin Makeup

Guide to the perfect makeup look with a dewy glow that is guaranteed to last all day...

Flawless Foundation Tips & Tricks

The most important secret to a flawless dewy look is hydrated skin. Remember to drink water daily for the best makeup application. Always moisturize with a lightweight moisturizer first. Allow 5 minutes for the moisturizer to settle into the skin. Follow with a thin layer of primer. Allow 5-10 minutes for the primer to settle into the skin. Apply foundation with a wet beauty blender, pressing into the skin with a tapping motion. Blend 5-10 minutes for best results. Apply highlight and contouring techniques. Apply a glow to the t-zone of the face. Apply a light coating of setting powder and all over face powder. Spray with a dewy or sheer setting mist.

Make-up Dont's:

This is important:

  • Do not use a soaking wet beauty blender. Blender should be squeezed out with a paper towel prior to the makeup application.

  • Do not apply too much powder. The goal is to look dewy and not too matte.

  • Do not over spray the setting spray. A little goes a long way. You do not want to risk the contour and highlight to bleed together.

Take Your Time And Have fun with your makeup application. Have patience and do not rush.

Hydration Is The Key! Take Care Of Your Skin And It Will Take Care Of You!

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