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Hello my name is Tiana Blush Perry and I am a licensed esthetician and makeup artist. I began my makeup journey at the age of 9.  I was always the girl in school that wore a face full of makeup, and would have the entire gym class learning how to do a perfect white eyeliner and glossy lips with a full black unblended lip liner (oh no! lol this was the style at the time). Fast forward to me as an adult- I became intrigued with makeup over 15 years ago when Jennifer Lopez would have a glow on her face. I would go to the makeup counter with pictures of J-LO and with the help of the clerk would purchase products to create a glow bronzed look. I was highlighting and contouring before I even knew it was a thing! About  9 years ago- I learned more advanced techniques  and started my career as a makeup artist. In 2016 I graduated from Aveda Beauty School with an esthetician license, and I now teach makeup workshops to help women feel and look beautiful inside and out. I specialize in photography makeup, natural and glamorous, in addition to bold and dramatic looks. I do makeup for special events such as weddings and fashion shows, and I also specialize in makeup for the deceased.   My motto is simple- when you look better, you feel better! My goal is simple: To influence, encourage, and to motivate.








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